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What is CBFSMS?

CBFSMS stands for CardBoardFish Short Message Service. Since its introduction in 1989, the popularity of SMS message transmission worldwide has increased exponentially, becoming a part of the mobile telecommunications industry in its own right. The use of the SMS message service is increasing worldwide hitting new targets and records. The GSM Association reported that in December 2000, 15 billion short messages were sent with an estimate of over 100 billion per month for 2001 and 2002. CBFSMS is a free service from CardBoardFish which enables users to send instant SMS messages to almost any UK mobile phone/network without prior account signup or login, and receive replies to those messages. All SMS messages sent from the CardBoardFish Short Message Service include a tag line which we believe to be one of the shortest from any free SMS site on the Internet allowing you to send longer messages.
Should I put a "0" in front of the number after I have chosen the country?

The format for each number must be country code + network code + number, for example country code 44 + network code 07970 + number 123456 would give 447970123456 - if your network code begins with a 0 it should be omitted. However, if you experience problems, try sending your message both ways.
What is the maximum length of an SMS message?

Standard SMS messages are 160 characters long. CBFSMS allows messages of up to 137 characters long in order to include the CBFSMS.com tag line. However, if you open a VIPSMS account, you can send messages up to 402 characters long.
Is there a limit on how many messages I can send?

No. Send as many messages as you want to as many people as you want. However, spamming and abusive messaging is strictly not allowed on the CBFSMS service. Please read our terms & conditions for more information. We strictly enforce our terms and conditions. Regular users are advised to use VIPSMS from vip.cbfsms.com as this provides comprehensive features.
I get the error "Session Expired", what does this mean and how can I prevent this?

If you have already sent your message and tried to go back to send it again, you will receive this error. However, some messages appear because your browser is not compatible with our service. Check that you have cookies enabled on your PC, and try emptying your browser cache. For best results, use Internet Explorer.
I get this error "Cannot Send Duplicate Message!" when attempting to send a message. Why?

This is an anti-spam measure to ensure that mobile phones cannot be spammed from CBFSMS. However, the error can also occur if your Internet browser has cached the send message page. If you receive the message continuously, go to http://www.cbfsms.com/ and then hit the refresh button.
I get this error "Invalid message or message too short". Why?

This error occurs if the message you are attempting to send only contains one word or appears to be a wasteful message. In order to send the message, you must make it longer with more words. If you have done this already but still receive the error, it is because your computer is caching the previous request. Return to http://www.cbfsms.com/ and hold down the "Ctrl" key. Now press the "F5" key. This should force your computer to reload a new copy of CBFSMS.com
I get this error "Illegal calling method detected". Why?

In order for CBFSMS.com to work properly, it has to set a "cookie" on your computer. This small, harmless piece of information allows us to process your message. Some programs, like Norton Internet Security, are set by default to disallow cookies. You can also block cookies in your Internet Options. This is because some websites use cookies to get statistics on how often you visit them - which infringes your privacy. However, CBFSMS.com does not do this. Our cookies are entirely safe and each cookie is only used once. So, if you have Norton Internet Security (or similar), or block cookies, please disable this when using our site. If you know how, you could set your computer to trust all cookies from CBFSMS.com - see your web browser help files if you need more information.
I get this error "You currently have no active replies". Why?

The cause of this is will usually be that you did not opt for replies when you sent your message. Maybe this is because the replies option was disabled when you tried to send your message. However, if you did opt for replies then please scroll up to the "Illegal calling method detected" error above as the cause of this error is the same. Of course, if your message sent from CBFSMS.com without any problems, then cookies will not be the problem. Try refreshing the replies page or deleting your Temporary Internet Files via Internet Options.
Can you confirm if my messages have been received?

Yes. CBFSMS.com can, if you requested it, confirm the delivery of an SMS message. When this feature is available, there will be a check box that you will need to tick on the page where you confirm your message content. After your message has been sent, on the Message Sent screen, you will be given a confirmation code, and a direct link to check the status of your message. Remember, this is a free service, delivery confirmations can sometimes be very delayed, even if your SMS was delivered instantly.
I use CBFSMS to send text messages often. Can I keep an address book of mobile numbers to send to?

Our service, VIPSMS, gives you this feature and more.
Is it possible to send the same message to more than one number at a time?

Our service, VIPSMS, allows you to send to up to 10 numbers at a time, with 402 characters per message (extended message formed from three SMS).
Can I receive replies to sent messages from CBFSMS?

CBFSMS.com allows you to receive replies for every message you send. For one text message sent, you can receive an unlimited number of replies. The more replies you get to your message, the more outgoing SMS we will guarantee you. A guaranteed SMS means you will never see the "service will resume in..." message. Guaranteed SMS are automatically used if this is the case. If this is not the case, your guaranteed SMS are stored up. A reply and its associated credits expire three days after the last message was received.

Receiving replies requires your computer to accept cookies. Norton Internet Security or your Internet Options settings may prevent you from receiving cookies (small bits of harmless information stored to your PC) and so prevent you from seeing the Replies page.

You can receive replies directly to your mobile if you open a VIPSMS account. Infact, with VIPSMS, people wont even know your message came from the Internet!

When I try to send my message I am asked to enter a PIN. What and where is this?

The PIN is a number generated for you by CBFSMS.com and displayed above a box where you must copy it into. The PIN is shown in a small yellow box. It is used for security reasons to ensure your session with us is functioning properly. If you cannot see the PIN you will not be able to continue, so please ensure you are using a compatible browser, like Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Is this service really free? Do you do anything with my mobile number?

CardBoardFish pays for SMS messages by depending on you, the user, to support us by telling your friends about this great service. We do not make money from selling your information, and do not store your mobile phone number or any mobile number you enter into our site for marketing etc. Our service is REALLY FREE.
How can I help?

You can help by exploring our website and telling your friends about this service, and also by linking to us from your web site if you have one. Most of all, you must respect this free service, and abide by the terms and conditions.
Do you send to my country/network?

CBFSMS supports the four major UK networks Orange, Vodafone, O2, and T-Mobile. At times, other networks may be available. No coverage is guaranteed to so-called "virtual networks" like Virgin, Fresh and Tesco, though you may find our service works fine to many of their subscribers.
I get an error saying the service will resume in XX minutes!

Due to high demand, we sometimes have to suspend the service. The service is reset every ten minutes. To send your message after receiving this error, wait the time specified and then return to the home page and start again. Please be aware that this is not a technical problem, and you do not need to contact us about it. Your patience is appreciated.

If you opt for replies to your message, you will receive one guaranteed SMS each time someone replies to you. That way you can avoid this error for good.

The button to Send SMS wont appear!

Due to the way our site works, you must wait for all images and content to load before you continue past each stage. Not doing so can cause errors. You must also view the adverts presented to you that help fund this service. Once everything is loaded, the button should appear. If it does not, you need to enable JavaScript. See your web browser help files for how to do this.

You cannot use CBFSMS.com without a graphical javascript-enabled web browser that also displays the few ads and popups we choose to show.

Can I send messages to 3G mobile phones?

Yes, we aim to ensure CBFSMS.com is compatible with all third generation mobile networks!

If you would like to learn more about 3G mobile phones and services, please visit the Talk 3G Forums - Help, discussion, news and reviews.

I run a website, would it be possible to provide SMS to my users with CBFSMS?

Yes, CardBoardFish can offer custom solutions to meet all your text messaging needs. Click here for more information.
Can CBFSMS offer business to business solutions such as email 2 sms, bulk messaging, advertising campaigns, news alerts, etc?

Yes, CardBoardFish has an extensive SMS solutions range with unlimited possibilities for custom developed systems. Please go here for more information.
Who is behind CBFSMS.com

CBFSMS is a product of CardBoardFish (www.cardboardfish.com).
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