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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBFSMS?

CBFSMS stands for CardBoardFish Short Message Service. Since its introduction in 1989, the popularity of SMS message transmission world-wide has increased exponentially, becoming a part of the mobile telecommunications industry in its own right. The use of the SMS message service is increasing worldwide hitting new targets and records. The GSM Association reported that in December 2000, 15 billion short messages were sent with an estimate of over 100 billion per month for 2001 and 2002. CBFSMS is a free service from CardBoardFish which enables users to send instant SMS messages to almost any International mobile network without prior account signup or login. All SMS messages sent from the CardBoardFish Short Message Service include a tag line which we believe to be one of the shortest from any free SMS site on the Internet allowing you to send longer messages.
Should I put a "0" in front of the number after I have chosen the country?

It does not matter whether you start the number with a 0 or without, your message will still be sent.
What is the maximum length of an SMS message?

Standard SMS messages are 160 characters long. CBFSMS allows messages of up to 149 characters long in order to include the "cbfsms.com" tag line. However, CBFMail.com can offer text messages of up to 320 characters long, more than double the size of messages that can be sent from CBFSMS. CBFMail's extended SMS service works by splitting a long message into two separate parts and sending the messages together. Extended text messaging is available with a CBFMail advanced account which also allows users to set their own tag lines on all outgoing SMS messages. With a CBFMail account you can also store mobile numbers in your own address book for easy texting. Visit www.cbfmail.com and signup for a free account today.
Is there a limit on how many messages I can send?

No. Send as many messages as you want to as many people as you want. However, spamming and abusive messaging is strictly not allowed on the CBFSMS service. Please read our terms & conditions for more information.
I get this error "Message Sending Failed! - Sorry, we do not support this mobile network. Please click here to add this network to CBFSMS." when trying to send a message. What does this mean and what should I do?

CBFSMS will not send a message to a number for which it cannot recognise the mobile phone operator network. By clicking the link to the add network page in the error message, you can request a code be sent to your mobile phone. If you receive this code, your network is supported and you can verify the code on the next page. Your details will then be submitted to our network engineers who will add your cellular network to our system. If you do not receive the code, you can try sending another code the next day, but if you still do not receive that message, it is likely that your network is not supported. Not all networks can support the technology we use at http://www.cbfsms.com - although the majority do. It is suggested that you signup for a free CBFMail account and send messages from SMS Advanced as this service has a much larger network coverage.
I get this error "Cannot Send Duplicate Message!" when attempting to send a message. Why?

This is an anti-spam measure to ensure that mobile phones cannot be spammed from CBFSMS. However, the error can also occur if your Internet browser has cached the send message page. If you receive the message continuously, go to http://www.cbfsms.com/ and then hit the refresh button.
I get this error "Invalid message or message too short". Why?

This error occurs if the message you are attempting to send only contains one word or appears to be a wasteful message. In order to send the message, you must make it longer with more words.
I sent a message and CBFSMS told me it was delivered, but it was never received. Why?

Care will be taken but CardBoardFish cannot guarantee delivery of SMS messages to the recipient. The CardBoardFish service is reliant on various third party telecommunications networks for delivery of your SMS messages. As with voice mobile phone communications, problems in transmission of SMS messages may occasionally arise. It is advised that you sign up for a free CBFMail account and use the SMS Advanced system to send your messages. This service has a wider network coverage and its SMS gateway will soon be replacing standard SMS services throughout the CardBoardFish sites.
CBFSMS has told me it is sending to a different network than the mobile phone I am sending to is on. Why?

We try to maintain an up to date network list but due to the rapid growth in the mobile communication market, it is not possible to keep track of every single network code in every country. However, your message will still be sent despite displaying a different network operator name.
I use CBFSMS to send text messages often. Can I keep an address book of mobile numbers to send to?

Yes, simply signup for a free CBFMail account here and add your contacts to the address book. From there, you can also send the same message to multiple numbers.
Is it possible to send the same message to more than one number at a time?

Yes, signup for a free CBFMail account here. You can then send the same message to up to 8 numbers, either by typing in each number separated by a comma, or selecting multiple numbers from the address book.
Can I receive replies to sent messages from CBFSMS?

It is not possible to receive replies to messages sent from www.cbfsms.com. Alternatively, you can signup for a free CBFMail account and using our SMS Advanced service, replies can be sent directly to your own mobile phone! Click here to signup now.
I run a website, would it be possible to provide SMS to my users with CBFSMS?

Yes, CardBoardFish can offer custom solutions to meet all your text messaging needs. Click here for more information.
Can CBFSMS offer business to business solutions such as email 2 sms, bulk messaging, advertising campaigns, news alerts, etc?

Yes, CardBoardFish has an extensive SMS solutions range with unlimited possibilities for custom developed systems. Please go here for more information.
Who is behind CBFSMS.com

CBFSMS is a product of CardBoardFish (www.cardboardfish.com).


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